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Stumped on what to cook with your CSA this week?


Check out some of our recent collaborations with local chefs below: 

Chef Giuseppe at Casa Di Pietro

Homemade Burrata Ravioli 

4 pieces 

  • Add ravioli to boiling salt water (5 minutes)

  • Yellow Oysters (1 cup)

  • Pioppino (1 cup)

  • Shiitake (1 cup)

  • Pinch of shallots

  • Pinch of thyme

  • Teaspoon of truffle peelings

  • Brown butter (1 tablespoon)

  • White truffle butter (1 tablespoon)

  • Cracked black pepper 

  • Housemade garlic sauce 

Chef Alex at Village Green Restaurant

Mushroom Calamari

with oyster mushrooms 

  • 1 lbs oyster mushrooms

  • Honey garlic - equal parts soy sauce and honey - quick toss

  • Batter - cup of corn starch, cup of flour, teaspoon baking powder 

  • Salt to taste (tablespoon)

  • Toss the dressing on mushrooms for a minute or two

  • 2-3 minutes gbd (golden brown delicious) in the fryer at 360

  • Salt lemon juice while hot

  • Aioli is roasted red peppers, lemon give and garlic with vegan mayonnaise 

  • Sprinkle of chives 

  • For vegan swap out honey with agave syrup

  • Options: toss with baby kale or baby spinach when it’s hot.

Chef Kevin at Village Green Restaurant

Mushroom Shawarma

  • Cut King Trumpet mushrooms into rounds, lightly score them (for presentation)

  • Olive Oil on a hot sauté pan

  • Cook mushroom rounds in oil on both sides until golden brown. If more oil is needed, add more. *Option to cook in butter or ghee.

  • Spread olive oil on a piece of pita bread on both sides

  • Place pita on griddle to toast (can also be done in oven or toaster, etc.)

  • Add mushrooms to pita to make a sandwich and add toppings (hummus, pickled red onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, tahini vinaigrette, baby spinach)

  • Enjoy!

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